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Offline UPS
Microtek Ups
microtek offline ups chennai
Microtek Offline Ups is one of the Largest Power Products manufacturer having products like Line Interactive UPS, ONLINE UPS, and DIGITAL & SINEWAVE INVERTERS/UPS. Having eight manufacturing plants, each specializing in different sphere of the industry has made it possible for Microtek to harness the World's latest technology, perfect it and incorporate it in its product range, for the user's benefit. It is this dedication of mastering its chosen field by continuously upgrading and investing that has won many national awards and international recognition.
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Su-kam Ups
Su-Kam UPS is recognized as an undisputed leader in the manufacturing world of Power Electronics. Digital Power is the one the first company in India to obtain the ISO 9001 certification for Inverters and have created a benchmark in new innovations and technological advancements. We have been widely acknowledged for redefining the quality and performance of the entire inverter industry.
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Xenon Ups
The XENON Battery, with an unheard of 18 months warranty. A product of Digital Power, makers of AMARON range batteries with partnership between the Digital Power and Johnson Controls Inc, USA, the global leader in Interior experience, building efficiency and power solutions.

XENON Batteries are made in Digital Power QS 9000, ISO 14001 & TS 16949 certified plant, using world class technology and quality control parameters, making them a long life, high performance and maintenance-free battery. Some of the other features that add to making the XENON Battery so good: leak proof, high-power and hi back-up time and ready-to-install.
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The APC Back-UPS ES 700 is an offline UPS, and in this respect it suffers in comparison to the two line interactive models we have reviewed this month, but you do get a lot of kit for the price.

The Back-UPS ES 700VA looks like a chunky mains distribution board, so it's a unit that you'll want to hide away under your desk.

All eight outlets (four with battery backup, four with spike protection only) are 13A sockets, so, unlike products with IEC sockets, anything that plugs into a wall socket will work

At the full 700VA load, you'll get just under four minutes of back-up time, which is somewhere in the mid-range. This more than doubles at half load, though, meaning that if you only attach a PC and monitor you'll probably get in excess of 10 minutes.

The data line protection is unusual in that it'll work with either a telephone line or with a network connection, but not both at once.
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Numeric UPS
numeric offline ups chennai
"Get the No.1 protection for your PC"

NUMERIC's Line Interactive UPS systems are engineered with care to cater to the demands of the single user and distributed networks protection. NUMERIC Digital SeriesUPS System is popular across the SME and the SOHO segment for its reliability. The new range of NUMERIC Line Interactive series are sophisticated Plug and Play with advance communication possibility.
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Whirlpool Ups
Whirlpool Offline UPS Offline UPS , a supplementary of the Whirlpool Offline UPS UPS , orbicular concern and trafficker of field bag appliances today declared battleful plans for ontogeny in the AC collection as it launched a newborn arrange in India. The consort has launched 30 newborn products in digit sub-brands Mastermind Chrome and Mastermind Digital Power. The newborn arrange with individual unequalled and payment features is aimed at gift a process to Whirlpool Offline UPS in the AC category.

The Mastermind program of Air-conditioners has been fashioned control the requirements of consumers in mind. It is an nimble AC meant to wage the amend chilling undergo without executing a mess in the consumers pocket.
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